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Urban Schools Professional Learning


The Equity Alliance at ASU has partnered with NIUSI to develop our newest Professional Learning Module, Inclusive Education for Equity. Check it out at

NIUSI has developed a set of leadership academies that are designed to support urban schools as they develop inclusive teaching and learning environments for their students. Each academy is designed as a 3-hour learning experience for building leadership teams who come together on a regular basis to explore the process of becoming inclusive.

Think of these modules about urban schools as "software." These modules are our 2005 releases. As we hear from you and others who use these modules regarding urban schools, we will upgrade and improve our products for future versions. Don't forget to let us know what worked and what needs tuning.

We invite you to download some or all of our urban school’s Professional Learning modules for free.

Professionally printed copies of our publications are available now! Click here to order.