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Leadership Academies - Module 1, Building Leadership Teams

Inclusive systems and schools unify teachers, staff, students, families, and communities and promote the practice of collaborative and shared leadership.

Informed, competent, and distributed leadership is a critical requirement for successful, inclusive reform efforts and the central role of distributed leadership is to support and sustain implementation of reform that improves teaching and learning for every one in the school.

Leaders at all levels require knowledge of professional development design, the change process, research findings, standards based instruction and assessment, data-supported decision making, and an array of leadership and communication skills and processes. Effective leadership development supports participants in accessing and applying these knowledge bases.

Finally, equity is a central concern of leadership. Leadership development initiatives should increase participants' understanding of equity issues and make special efforts to recruit diverse participants.

The academies in this module promote inclusive systems and schools by coaching Building Leadership Team members in both leadership skills and team collaboration.

Download the materials in each of the following three academies. All files will open in a new window. Please print the manuals and save the PowerPoints for use with the academy presentations.

Academy 1: Leading Change
Academy 2: Gauging Your Systemic Change Efforts
Academy 3: Aligning School Goals and School Work