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Leadership Academies - Module 3, Inclusive Schools

This module introduces the inclusive model of education, which proposes that, with support structures in place, all students are able to successfully learn in the general education classroom. Rather than teach students with special needs separately, general and special educators collaborate to address the needs of all students to allow them to learn together.

Academy 1 defines inclusive education, offers exemplars and non-exemplars of inclusive classrooms, and invites participants to consider the degree to which their schools might be considered “inclusive.” Academy 2 describes school climates that facilitate inclusive education, and provides ways to approach the implementation of the inclusion model. Lastly, Academy 3 identifies features of inclusive curriculum design, pedagogy, and classroom climates.

Download the materials in each of the following three academies. All files will open in a new window. Please print the manuals and save the PowerPoints for use with the academy presentations.

Academy 1: Understanding Inclusive Schooling
Academy 2: Exploring Inclusive Practices in Schools
Academy 3: Exploring Inclusive Practices in Classrooms