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Leadership Academies - Module 5, Co-teaching

Co-teaching is a method for delivering instruction that draws on the strengths and expertise of multiple educators. Although there are many styles of co-teaching, each involves two or more educators collaborating to plan and deliver sound instruction for a group of students. This module introduces the many faces of co-teaching relationships, exemplars and non-exemplars of successful co-teaching strategies, approaches for developing co-teaching skills, and opportunities to co-plan lessons.

Academy 1 explores and describes the co-teaching relationship and informs participants of the skills that lead to successful collaboration. Academy 2 builds on this knowledge by introducing and evaluating co-teaching styles and strategies. Finally, Academy 3 provides participants with opportunities to co-plan a lesson and to apply their knowledge and skills to their own schools. Download the materials in each of the following three academies. All files will open in a new window. Please print the manuals and save the PowerPoints for use with the academy presentations.

Academy 1: Working Together: General and Special Educators
Academy 2: Co-teaching Strategies
Academy 3: Co-Planning Curriculum Using State Standards