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Leadership Academies - Module 6, Assessment

Conducting sound assessments is a necessary part of exemplary teaching. Assessments not only evaluate student learning, they serve to guide subsequent instruction. This module looks at the construction of both quality assessments and student learning outcomes, examines multiple ways to assess learning, explores the use of rubrics for assessing student work, and highlights key elements of performance assessment tasks.

Academy 1 addresses the need to build assessments on student learning outcomes, introduces the four primary assessment approaches, and provides participants with the opportunity to design an assessment. Academy 2 focuses on the creation and use of rubrics as tools of assessment and subsequent instructional planning. Academy 3 explores the features of a quality performance assessment task and offers participants a chance to develop their own performance assessment task.

Academy 1: Classroom Assessment Practices
Academy 2: Rubrics for Assessing Student Learning
Academy 3: High Quality Performance Assessment Tasks