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Module 4: Universal Designs for Learning

The concept of Universal Design foregrounds equitable opportunities and access to spaces, information and participation for all by creating environments and products that accommodate as many individuals as possible from the beginning. Universal Designs for Learning (UDL) extends Universal Design into the field of education. While initially defined as a method to minimize barriers students may experience when learning new concepts, this professional learning module presents UDL as an approach to providing access to robust opportunities to learn for a diverse range of learners in inclusive educational environments. This module leads participants through UDL activities and short informational presentations that focus on applying UDL across the curriculum, designing inclusive classroom learning environments, assessing students' ongoing progress, adjusting instruction, and addressing legislation that impacts curricula and assessment utilized in schools.

Academy 1: Becoming Familiar with Universal Designs for Learning
Academy 2: Building UDL into Curriculum and Instruction
Academy 3: Implications of UDL for Assessment and Progress Monitoring