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Designing Personalized Learning for Every Student

Designing Personalized Learning for Every Student

Dianne Ferguson, Cleo Droege, Hafdis Guojonsdottir, Jackie Lester, Gwen Meyer, Ginevra Ralph, Nadia Sampson, and Janet Williams

Today's students are more diverse than ever before—in cultural backgrounds, learning styles and interests, social and economic classes, and abilities and disabilities. How can schools accommodate these differences while also dealing with other demands for change, from the push for tougher standards to the call for more discipline in the classroom? This book offers answers—and challenges schools to reinvent themselves as more flexible, creative learning communities that include and are responsive to a full range of human diversity.

A table of contents, excerpts from the book, and ordering information are available from the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development's Web site:

Activity Based Assessment (ABA) Inventory and Other Forms


PowerPoint and PDF versions of the ABA Inventory and Microsoft Word and PDF versions of the other forms are available for downloading. Please note: You will need PowerPoint and Word installed on your computer to access these documents; Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to access the PDF files.

Title, page number
PowerPoint or Word files
PDF files


ABA Inventory Ages 5-8, 9-12





ABA Inventory Ages 13-15, 16+

ABA Individual Student Summary, page 30 (Figure 2.4)

All About Me (Student’s Questionnaire), page 31 (Figure 2.5)

Student's History/Transition Information Profile, page 36 (Figure 2.8)

Student's Transition Overview, page 37 (Figure 2.9)

Long-Range Planning Web, page 61 (Figure 4.1)

Long-Range Curriculum Plan, page 62 (Figure 4.2)

Long Range Teaching Plan, page 64 (Figure 4.3)

Sample Planning Card, page 66 (Figure 4.4)

Lesson Plan, page 68 (Figure 4.5)

Individually Tailored Education Report (ITER), page 104 (Figure 6.4)

ITER Summary, page 106 (Figure 6.5)

Fig 6.5.pdf