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Family School Linkages Products

The Family School Linkages (FSL) Project of the National Institute for Urban School Improvement seeks to work together with schools and families to assist schools to think about and improve their relationships with all the families of their students. A growing number of studies show that when family members talk to their children about schooling, participate with school personnel, and support their children’s efforts, those students achieve more, attend more regularly, and are more motivated and engaged as learners.

Schools in Colorado and Denver are working to

(1) complete an assets map of the school, and later, the community;

(2) develop an inquiry focus in collaboration with the school’s leadership team;

(3) collect, compile, analyze, and interpret data to respond to the inquiry focus;

(4) share what the teams learn with other program improvement and governance structures in the school for action planning; and

(5) chronicle results of efforts by the school to make changes in family/school linkages through case accounts. Publications that you download here have come from ideas generated by families and school professionals working together.