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Urban Schools OnPoint Series: Brief discussions of critical issues in urban education

We invite you to download some or all of our urban school’s On Points for free. These publications have been written by a variety of researchers, practitioners and family members about specific practices that support inclusive schooling. We write these urban schools On Points with three standards in mind:

(1) We strive to make these products authentic so that the ideas and illustrations that you read about can be applied in urban schools educational settings.

(2) You should find the urban schools On Points accessible. We work to make our language clear and precise. When possible, we translate urban schools On Points into a variety of languages.

(3) These urban schools On Points should help you link theories and practices so that you have framework for exploring or informing practice as well as examples of how the theory is translated into practice that is effective and produces learning results for students. All urban schools On Points are distillations of research, so all references are listed at the end if you want to read more about a particular topic.

Please let us know if you believe that we have been successful in meeting these standards. We'd like to hear from you, if you have ideas about future urban schools On Points. Visit us often since we have many authors at work on the new urban schools On Points.

To view the publications to the right please download Adobe Reader.

Professionally printed copies of our publications are available now! Click here to view our library.