1. Check all the tires of your car.

Usually, the high temperature will influence the pressure of tires. The tires will blow because of this temperature. Check it every day with a gauge, so that you can measure the pressure. Providing tire pump is important. You do not even know if the tires are flat.

2. Check the oil of your car.

This oil has an important role in your car. It keeps the machine to be smooth when the car is driving. As a matter of fact, the hot temperature might affect your car to be overheated. The oil can be drain. You can check it by looking inside the radiator. If you have your car oil low, you have to add it. Besides, the quality of oil should be good. If it is dirty, you have to change it. It is important for your car so that it runs smoothly.

3. Wash your car.

In summer season, you will find dusts cling in your car. What you have to do is often wash your car. Do not use high pressure of water because it will be dangerous for the cars paint. The cleanliness of your car is important, so that you will feel comfortable when you drive it. It will also brighten the look of your car.

4. Polish your car.

Sometimes, the paint of your car looks pale and even abraded because of the hot temperature. If it happens, you can polish it by using a good and safe wax. You can go to auto shop to handle it. Those are some tips to maintain your car in the summer. By doing those things, hopefully your car will be still in good condition. Keeping the look of your car can also be done by following those tips. Try it!